Indexing Services

If you have a book or web content you would like indexed, Jay can help you.

Book and Web Indexing

Indexes for books, including ebooks, and website content, such as blogs, add much value and functionality to your work since it helps your reader quickly find information and explore the topics. Jay can create a well-designed index for you.

Prices vary, but Jason charges a per-page fee for book indexes of between $3.50 - $4.00 depending on several factors. Please take into account that one page equals 250 words. For website content, prices are similar to books with one page of copy equaling 250 words.

What To Do?

Contact Jay to set up a consultation. If you are able, provide Jay with important information about your index such as what content will be included and not included in the index, how many pages are allocated for the index, any style information from the publisher, etc. so that Jay can give an informed price and time estimate.